Frames & Mouldings

Beautiful doors deserve only the finest Door Frames, Skirtings and Architraves.

Our exclusive Jenso range provides just that.  Do not make the mistake of comparing this to MDF .A vastly superior product, the unique LVL Lamel core which provides both constant stability and durability, is further enhanced by the equally unique Gesso finish. This Gesso finish, is applied as a third coat to two primed undercoats. The Gesso material originated in the 50’s and was the material that the artisan decorators used as fillers, to provide the crisp finishes that only they could do.

It’s almost plaster like finish requires minimum preparation, and is guaranteed to produce the highest results, and satisfaction for years to come.

Giving them a glasslike finish, whilst ensuring the product is free from knots or fur associated with similar solid or MDF styled products. 

The Moulding then undergoes two further coats of UV priming. This produces a tight, crisp finish & gives the product tooth, absorbency and consistency.

Check out our range of Architrave, Skirting, Windowboard & Doorframes (rebated & loose-stop options).